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We offer package of different and unrelated services at first sight. What we want to make clear from the very beginning is that our task, in supporting those who use our services, is to manage and coordinate actively clients web. We gather the requirements of our clients, and we process them together with our experts so as to offer better propositions and solutions. This process includes maximal feedback. We believe that the relation with our clients should be two-ways in order to obtain the maximal data-set during the preliminary meetings as well as during the operational stage. This is the only way to realize the real problems we have to face and consequently we have to refer to them in way which will lead to their effective and right solution.

In addition to the legal questions consulting we support ideas related to the building of corporate image, as well, because we believe that the corporate image will be a great asset to the company and shouldn't be underestimated.

We not only create the foundations of a new company by developing legal base and image, but we create and the whole structure – people who stay behind it, as well. Due to this reason, we are able to chose the personnel that will perfectly meet the needed working level .

We would like to conclude this brief presentation with and put an emphasis on the extreme importance of human factor for every successful business. Because of that we appeal to you to contact us for any requests you have and to give us the chance to know each other better.

We are at yours disposal.
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General IT Consulting

The independence of different types of information technologies and the high level of expertise of ours experts guarantee that every our advise is based on real efficiency.


We recruit, select and evaluate the experts and the associates we provide to our clients. Indeed, our partners are leaders in their field...

Virtual Ofiice

We are providing special unique telephone number on which client's queries will rece