In collaboration with our Bulgarian partners we follow every stage related to the incorporation of any type of company LTD or PLC.


Why Bulgaria?

  • The average growth rate of GDP for the last 5 years is 4,9 %
  • Low average inflation plus currency pegged to euro
  • FDI of 10% of GDP billions euro
  • Highly-qualified labor force
  • 10% income tax
  • The employment expenses in Bulgaria for labor force are among the lowest in East Europe
  • Tax credit and stimulation for foreign investments
  • Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements with 61 countries
  • The education level is above the average for EU
  • 70% of the students speak English
  • There is no limitation for capital export
  • High stimulation coming from EU for entrepreneur enterprises

Data source: The Institute of External commerce to the Italian Embassy in Sofia in collaboration with the Governmental Agency “Invest Bulgaria"
18.04.2008, Sofia city