Project Management

Our project management experts are responsible for the successful execution of the deal regarding the expenses, time and quality optimization of predicted products and services.


Information security

For the successful IT security problem solving it is necessary to unite our information technology experience with the managing experience and with the organizational aspects of security.

We provide information infrastructure security and information management through the following fields:

Risk assessment and prevention:

Identifying the risk groups, critical process and creating appropriate plan


Risk monitoring and Tableau de Bord

Top-down analysis of variables and creation of corresponding secure indexes for identifying the areas at risk, selecting the most appropriate counteractions.


Business continuity

Support for preparing operational plan for continuity management through 3-stages-based methodology(valuation, development and implementation)

Policies, processes, organization

Support for defining the security processes, policy and procedures, following the rate requirements.

Valuation of the investments in security

Support and quantity and quality analysis of the security expenses

Security operation center ( SOC)

Supporting the preventive risk management infrastructure innovations.

Incident Management

Defining the operation procedures for incident management

Applicable security

Methodology for management of the processes Identity and Access management

Perimeter security

Support for menace and vulnerability prevention in case of data loss or destruction or in case of cessation or deterioration of the services.