Company Startup

We are available to offer incorporation service to entrepreneurs, willing to start an activity in Bulgaria.


Real Estate Advisory

We estimate the real estate as we start from its surface, we study scenarios, we project strategies and we apply methodologies, which maximize the real estate value when it comes to deals or management of them. This is our mission in the real estate field.


Company Reorganization

Entrepreneur activities are developing in continuous and deep environmental changes, which have a serious impact on the company's profile as they might determinate the so important difference between the expectations and the real outcomes. Here comes the essential role of foresee ability to realize dynamic factors for competitiveness advances in long-run with the possible risks.



Acquisition and Merging

Growing with external assistance, requires the great capability to transform the “value”of the company's target from potential into long-term lasting. This involves good policy coordination at all stages of: work projection and evaluation, implementation of the deal, managing the operational impact on different business units.