Company Startup

We are available to offer incorporation service to entrepreneurs, willing to start an activity in Bulgaria.


Acquisition and Merging

Growing with external assistance, requires the great capability to transform the “value”of the company's target from potential into long-term lasting. This involves good policy coordination at all stages of: work projection and evaluation, implementation of the deal, managing the operational impact on different business units.


In collaboration with our partners we have the proficiency to assist the company in any aspects of the acquisition stages.


  • Profitability and Possibility evaluation of operational implementation, chosen for the different configuration options.
  • Operational impact analysis of the preferred option.
  • Operational planning and managing.
  • Planning and managing of the following interventions.
  • Corporate actions managing in support of the operation (such as: new managing, planning of associate streams)
  • Operational tax impact and accordance, Transfer policy of pricing alignment.
  • Reaching service agreements between the companies, involved in the operation.
  • General accounting alignment and reporting, management control and industrial accounting.
  • Tresor and Bank relations.
  • Integration / active cycle division; Marketing and trade network; Integration / passive cycle division; Output and logistic; Assets management; General conditions.
  • Studies, development and transfer of intellectual property.
  • Human resource and company impact management.
  • Information and communication systems alignment.

Our approach, orientated towards client's resources teaming, is the best guaranty for successful operating in long-run.

Acquisition and Post-merge integration