Company Startup

We are available to offer incorporation service to entrepreneurs, willing to start an activity in Bulgaria.


Company Reorganization

Entrepreneur activities are developing in continuous and deep environmental changes, which have a serious impact on the company's profile as they might determinate the so important difference between the expectations and the real outcomes. Here comes the essential role of foresee ability to realize dynamic factors for competitiveness advances in long-run with the possible risks.


Company ReorganizationIn this sense, the traditional “adequate” incomes generation target is no more enough to secure the company's existence. Keeping close watch on the maximal utilization of the corporate value is the main aim. The constant observation of the market and the company are the keys of achieving this goal, together with being able to react on time when there emerges a possibility for potential improvement.


This way the reconstruction of the business is becoming a permanent process which exist only in steady companies: “Reconstruction should not be an one time event, but on-going process” ( Milton Rock)