Company Startup

We are available to offer incorporation service to entrepreneurs, willing to start an activity in Bulgaria.



We recruit, select and evaluate the experts and the associates we provide to our clients. Indeed, our partners are leaders in their field, an advantage which contributes to the higher quality and standard we offer.

 Anyone who wants to use our services should have a general idea of what exactly wants and this idea will be implemented in collaboration with our local and foreign experts we have at our disposal.

Our internal policy ,based on strictness and timeliness in work, combined with our experience, leads us to the successful implementation of every consulting service we offer at any stage .

How we work

Regarding the company's policy, the first stage starts with preliminary analysis, based on the specific client's needs.

We continue with concentration on the structure, values, culture, business, strategies and targets of the company on one side, and on other- on the suitable position and profile of the wanted expert.

On second place we put the detailed data preparation of how to find the wanted elements, relying on professional experience, personal relations, motivation and expectations.

Entrepreneurial and business fields surveys are needed to fit in the required terms and to provide with the best experience. Market research is supplemented by employees (experts and other qualified sources) sourcing. As sources we utilize several channels such as internet, media and direct surveys, connected to big referential group.

We arrange meetings between our clients and the potential employees we have recruited.

Red Bul Consulting always assists its clients at the stages of commerce, deals and always supports them through its know-how. Monitoring/Supervision, providing with information, controlling and distributing available corrective actions are the core of finding the right experts.

As you can notice, our distinctive characteristic is being able to provide valuable organizational and methodological support.

What we offer

  • The most appropriate personal solutions
  • An ideal balance between expenses, effectiveness and outcome quality
  • Our response to the business venture is always effective and on time as we stay in touch with qualified pundits in their fields
  • We guarantee legality, security and accuracy
  • We guarantee vast and useful web creation of contacts