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We are providing special unique telephone number on which client's queries will receive respond by our employees in due course after previously set arrangement via phone call or e-mail note.


EU Funds Consulting

Our professional approach

As successful entrepreneurs we do know that nothing is for free, but we also do know that the strangers who ask for a compensation in advance are not at all reliable. In the vast and full of opportunities world of consulting companies we do believe that our professional approach is what makes us distinguishable.

Methods of functioning

After the first contact with the entrepreneur or with anyone who has the same conception we collect together with our clients the needed materials for the publishing and developing of the project. At this stage and at any other until the translation and adaptation of the projects to the Bulgarian legislation norms are done, we do not demand any payments. We believe that we could ask for any kind of payments only after we have achieved the aim we were pursuing. This refers to everything that has contributed to the finalization and presentation of the project. If during the process occurs any queries or requests, they will be evaluated immediately and they will be coordinated with our clients.

European funds in Bulgaria 2007-2013

EU will grant 6853 milliards euro for the Bulgarian economical development 2007-2013 since the GDP per capita is under the average for EU regions. Bulgaria has developed the following strategical goals for availing itself of the funds:

  • Strengthen the economical competitiveness for achieving strong and steady growth
  • Human resource development for increasing the growth of occupation, incomes and social integration
  • Infrastructure improvement and territorial development
  • Improvement of the entrepreneurship and the environment regarding the support of the business

Opportunities for Italian companies

Red Bul Consulting is perfect partner for any Italian company interested in availing itself of European Funds in Bulgaria. We offer our world scale professionalism and experience in small and medium business to anybody who wants to benefit from them. The EU targets reveal the wide range of investments and profit opportunities following from them as experts dubbed that “European plan Marshall for Pirin”. There are two options for participation:

  • direct as direct recipient of free financing ( for companies being under Bulgarian legislation system)
  • indirect as executors of operations, services, supplies, through auctions participation as part of the approved projects

Last, but not least, it is important to take notice that at 31st of May 2007 Bulgarian Council of Ministers approved a grants payment act. European committee will take part in the process ( art. 40, Regulation (EU) 1083/2006) for big projects ( above 25 millions or 50 millions euro, depending on the different sectors). All operational programs in progress in Bulgaria have already been approved.